Saturday, September 19, 2009

hot and sexy?

Let’s face it, men think about sex a good portion of the day, but what do they find “sexy”?

Have you ever thought about why some people are considered sexy or hot, while others, possibly of similar physical attributes, are not? They say a man is attracted to a women because of her appearance and falls in love with her as a result. Have you ever stopped to think what is sexy and what is not? It goes beyond pretty and ugly, it might even be something we cannot perceive, such as an attitude, but if we could put it in pictures, this is what it might look like.
What was Hot, isn’t

At one time fat was considered sexy, it was a sign of wealth. If you were fat, you could afford food. At a point art so often depicted chubby looking women, at it became a standard of perfection to be a bit chunky. Of course what few people realized is that some artists were using corpses for models, as such the women in the paintings tended to be a bit bloated.
Being overweight is not healthy, nor is being underweight. Some men adore women with “meat on their bones” and other men, prefer the waifs.

Some men find women more attractive in pairs. They enjoy watching women together, or even with another male. Is this necessarily sexy, or just sexual? Since a mans mind thinks about sex far more frequently than a woman, perhaps he figures with more women, the better his chances are.

Many men have at one time or another, fantasized about being with more than one girl at a time. Other men are purely monogamous. Even when happily with one woman, they often still desire to look at other women purely for sexual fantasy.
Leather or Lace?
Some men prefer soft fabrics on a woman, silk and lace. White to show purity, fabrics that show softness and femininity. Some fabrics cling to a womans body better than others, showing the curves and her natural shape, silk and lace is more sexy to most men, than is flannel.
Some men prefer their women to be a bit more individual in dress, more avant-garde, not so powdery perfect. I have to admit I fall into the second type of male here. My wife puts on black, and look out!

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