Sunday, July 25, 2010

ukrainian women wives

There are so much obvious bias against having “ukrainian” wives on the internet, being a ukrainian bride and looking for american or canadian or UK single male for marriage, usually implies that those young and beautiful ukrainian girls , women are interested in money only.

if an avarage legitimate ukrainian woman falls in love with a foreign man because she is attracted by his good looks or charming personality or sense of humor, its easy to argue that she like just his good looks or his sense of humor, and it has nothing to do with the man as a total package. non sense. The difference with online dating is that the money factor is out in the open, and singles discuss the issue of money before they make plans, if a man is making 50 gran a year, and it has been discussed with his potential bride before he made an expensive arrangements to fly to Ukraine and the lady is ovbiously ok with the income declared, instead of spending months or years dating online different ukrainian women, and eventually find out that each and every one was in fact looking for someone making way more.