Monday, August 9, 2010

ukrainian russian swedish women

Very famoust magazine did statistics about "In Which Country The Most Beautiful Women Live". And The answer is SWEDEN of course and Swedish Women. I am million and million percentage agree to that statistics, After I read the Info, i walk in the Stockholm city and tried to just check the info if it is true or not? It was absolutaly true. I watch all the girls as an expert, and All SWEDISH girls had very special beautiful looks.

Popular magazines in Russia writes that the most beautiful women are Russian :) . You can see it when you walk on Petersburg the evening , or Rostov on Don. I agree that Swedish girls are beautiful, but I would hardly call them the most beautiful. But about Swedish men have said that they are improved copy Breda Pita. :) And I agree completely with that! :)

Ukrainian Women were in first place about their beauty couple of years before but now they get fat and at the moment Ukraine is at 3rd place. Swedish and Russian Women are First Place. ANd Ukrainian girls are very rude....even when you ask something about finding places in the city, they respond you in very bad way....